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How to install Gumbleville Browser on Windows 10 (SmartScreen)

After you have downloaded the file, open it from your Downloads folder.

SmartScreen Filter is a security module that is integrated into several Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer or Windows Live Messenger. It basically warns users if they are about to open a file that was not opened by many people before. Gumbleville Browser is falsely flagged by SmartScreen filter because it does not yet have 20.000 users and is not in microsofts Database of safe files. After a product reaches this number, it is "safe". 

Whenever you execute a file that you have downloaded from the Internet, it is first checked by SmartScreen Filter against a database. Files that cannot be identified are blocked automatically, and a warning is displayed instead.

windows protected your pc

The only two options on the screen are the highlighted OK button, and a more info link that is nearly as distinguishable from the background. A click on OK closes the message and blocks the executable from being started. If you want to start the program, you need to click on More Info. This changes the Windows protected your PC screen slightly.

windows smartscreen

Microsoft displays publisher and program information, and a run anyway button. Gumbleville Browser will be executed on your system if you click on that button.