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How to enable macros in Gumbleville Launcher

Fuel is to a car what macros are to Gumbleville Launcher: You won't get far without them.  All personalisation features like account creation are powered by macros,  if you have them disabled,  you will only be able to use guest mode.

First of,  if you have downloaded Gumbleville Launcher in a zip folder,  unpack the folder and move the main .ppsm file out of the downloads folder to the documents or desktop folder. This is also recommenced if you only downloaded the .ppsm file and are experiencing problems while it is in the downloads folder.

Now,  when opening Gumbleville Launcher from thus new location,  you should get a pop up asking if you want to enable macros.  Select yes.  If you do not get this pop up when opening Gumbleville Launcher,  you must unblock the Base file. This can be done by right clicking on the file and selecting properties.